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The Motorola E815 is a flip phone camera phone by Motorola.

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How to retrieve the memory

I have an old phone and was wondering if it was possible to save that voicemail storage text messages contact information phone call memory etc.

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@shane7702 only if you can still access your phone. You would either need a phone-to-Computer cable (or check to see if your computer has a bluetooth connection, and the Motorola File Manager software.

1. Connect to Motorola Phone Tools.

2. In the Folders pane, access the folder where the message you want to save is saved (Inbox, Sent Messages...)

3. Select the message you want to save.

4. In the File menu, select the Save as option.

5. Rename your document (if you want to) in the File name box. (.txt format is displayed by default)

6. Select the folder path where you want to save your document if the selected folder does not suit you.

7. Click the Save button.

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