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Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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Digitiser freezes after screen replacement - tried multiple screens an

Hey iFixit family,

I appreciate you taking time to answer my below question...

I purchased an iPhone 6 to repair with a cracked screen and the seller let me know it freezes very occasionally and I thought this was due to cracked screen.

After replacing the screen I found it was still freezing and a hard rest would normally fix, sometimes not even a hard reset would fix. It would just have to sit there for a while before the touch would start registering.

I restored the software completely from recovery mode so I feel this can be ruled out. I have now tried two other screens which are confirmed working on other phones and they all don't work. One was even a genuine screen of an iCloud locked phone. Now it is rare that the digitiser even works at all with the current fitted screen.

I have a feeling it is a problem with the motherboard and maybe the digitiser connector, does this make sense ? I am always very careful when connecting and disconnecting so I am not sure why this has happened.

Just wondering if there is anything else I can do before I try getting a replacement from apple (can't tell I replaced the screen).

I appreciate your help with this and if I have left anything out please let me know!



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I took my phone to a repair shop and they replaced my screen for 120 and now the screen keeps freezing and the only way that it unlocks is so do a soft reset. It locks up at least 20 times a day. It wasn't doing this before the screen replacement. Do you know if it is the same problem. When it freezes no buttons work. The only way to unfreeze it is to hold both bottens down and do a soft reset. The guy said that the problem is the phone and not the screen replacement.

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Did you figure out what the problem was? As I am having the same problem


Just had a 6S Plus freeze up shortly after I replaced the screen. The customer didn't even make it to her car! I did a soft reset and it seemed okay. Hopefully it's just a temporary glitch. Guess I'll find out on Monday.


Sounds like bad aftermarket 6s screens to me.


Hi Geoff, I have had this happen on the 6s Plus a couple times. Did you have any more issues with it freezing after replacement? Thanks


Same exact issue. How did you resolve it? The screen was a taken back to the store after it was freezing they put on a new screen but it also failed and is freezing. Maybe its the phone? It’s a 6s plus.


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Yes, this can be caused by the connector - clean with alcohol and inspect the pins. A small bit of dirt or glass from the old LCD can keep it from fully seating, and it's easy for someone to have damaged a pin when removing the old LCD. If you have a microscope look at the pins and use a needle to try to gently move them - if they shift they're not soldered. Some flux and a reflow should fix it.

The other cause, which is, unfortunately, more likely and more common but much more difficult to repair, is the touch control IC, numbered U2402 on the schematics (google that and you'll find videos of the symptoms). As mentioned, much more difficult to repair

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I have lot of problems I came across on it but no solution.

I haven't try to change touch IC but I will try and post result

1- I will test any uncontacted with connection pin

2- will test with good screen thats works well on other iphone to this iphone

3- if that so then i change touch IC to see if the problems

On which 3 steps

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I started having the same issue with my 6s plus. Tried 2 replacements.

First time it was freezing.

Second time it was freezing and the digitiser was hyper-sensitive. It would randomly click on its own..

Finally third time the digitise issue went away, but freezing continued - albeit less frequently.

After a week of usage, the frequency if freezing seems to be reducing - in fact didn't freeze in last 2 days - touch wood...

While iFixit customer service was good, I think the screen and digitizer quality is definitely an issue.

I wish I had it replaced by Apple Genius bar.

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It doesn't sound like screen issues, it sounds like there was an issue with your phone.


Well, too much of a coincidence that it started happening right after screen replacement.

BTW - maybe I jinxed it, froze again today :-(


I have had this issues three times on iphone 6s plus. I have narrowed down the issue. With the replacement screen, if you turn off touch id (delete all fingerprints) the phones stop freezing. Makes me believe the replacement screens I used are the issue and are not truly oem quality.


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