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A series of 40 inch LCD HDTVs by Sony.

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no picture no sound

32 days after I bought this tv it went out. no picture or sound. I had it repaired under factory warranty. 2 years later, it happened again. the same exact thing. I put it in the closet and went and bought a new t.v. The other day, I pull it out of the closet to see if I could repair it. After exploring the web, I ordered a new "A" board. I changed it out and now my back lights come on but nothing else. What else could be causing my problem?

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Sony TV sets will sometimes generate error codes after you turn on the TV set, and it fails...Do you see a series of blinks occur then a pause, then the same blinks, then a pause over and over on the LED power lamp?

If so, count the blinks and let me know how many blinks between pauses?

If the TV just turns off and NO BLINKS, let me know that too.

Also, the MODEL number located on the right side or the left side tag is important.

If you do not find the tag on the left or right side, then look on the back for the model.

It could be a KDF52xxx or a KDL 46xxx or a KDP 40xxx type of Model, but they always start with the letter K in the model.


model# KDL40S4100 . No blinking led, just solid green.


I have one too that was given to me to fix. When you turn it on you can here the normal click and power up sound and power button lights up green and it stays on with no blinking but the screen doesn't light up and no sound. All it show is the little lite up green light. By; Jason


How much is a (A) board?


@pust76 A-board for what model?


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@madatsony2016 , first off this model will not blink any error codes. The unit does NOT contain a self-diagnostic function. If an error occurs, the TV will not stay on. Not ruling out any bad capacitors, you do want to post some images of your boards with your question, so that we can see what you see. Use this guide for that. Besides a bad power board it is also easily possible that you have a bad A-board since you do not have any audio as well. That board is what decodes audio and video. Attached is an image of how the boards are mounted and what the boards are.

Block Image

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I wasn't able to post pictures of my t.v. but it looks exactly like the picture you posted. I have replaced the "A" board. after doing that, I got backlights, which I didn't have before. today I received and installed a new "G" board. nothing has changed. I do have sound, but no picture. nothing at all as far as the display goes.


I was out of town for 3 days. When I returned I saw my Sony Expedia 40 was not showing pictures. The screen shows 1 1396-26049 n some symbols viz. 0, . And arrow showing circular direction towards left. Any remedy pls.


Ravindra Sawant I am a bit confused by the device you listed "Sony Expedia 40" what exactly are we looking at? At this time I suppose it's a Sony TV but not sure about the exact model....


My sony tv video is not seen for one year,

After one year its video is seen, but after one day video is not working.

I think its a default in my tv setting.

How will i correct my tv?

Plz help me


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It is most probable that there is a failure on the power supply board inside the TV. Commonly the capacitors on this board will receive a surge and then fail. They can sometimes be visually verified by removing the rear of the set and inspecting them for bulges or leaking fluid at the top or the base of the caps. This is the most common mode of failure for these sets.

The capacitors are located on the power board inside the set, where the AC cord plugs into and can be replaced by a Tech for no more than $150 parts and labor if this is the case. The power board itself will run you roughly between $35-$100 to buy the part.

The set definitely requires component testing and replacement in order to get it to function properly again. Unfortunately there is no sequence of buttons or reset you can perform to get the set working again.

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