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First available August 2014, identified by model number RCT6103W46.

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Speaker reattachment on RCA Pro 10 Tablet

I was repairing a broken digitizer on this tablet and when I attempted to separate the 2 halves I noticed the speaker wire was wired to the board and on the speaker itself it looks like the wire is attacked through a black putty. I attempted to remove the speaker itself from the housing and of course the wire came loose. I can't seem to find the connection points in the plastic to reattach the speaker wire. Any thoughts or should I just replace the entire speaker?

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Brian Klees, replacing the complete speaker would be the easiest. Of course, there might be a way to fix yours. We would have to see what you see, so consider posting an image of your damaged wiring with your question. To replace the speaker, use this guide.

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I ended up splicing a speaker from another tablet to get the repair done because I had a time crunch. Where can I find simple tablet speakers in the future though. On Amazon I kept finding earpiece speakers for phones or replacement speakers for laptops.

I'm just looking for a basic speaker with 2 wires coming off of it that I can splice onto the existing wires.


Brian Klees, if you are looking for a non-original speaker, then that will depend on the physical size of the speaker.


I couldn't find an original replacement, its between the size of a quarter and half dollar. I don't have it on me for exact size. What search terms do you use when looking for one. I typed in "Tablet Replacement Speaker" and variations and only got laptop speakers or phone ear piece speakers.


its about 30mm in diameter


What is the depth of it? Post some images of what your speaker looks like with your question.


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