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starting issue, battery good, makes noise but no start, ideas? Randy

206 vespa, 900 miles, no start and battery tested good, just makes a noise but no start< Randy

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You'll need to provide a lot more information, there are many things that can prevent it from starting. What model of Vespa? You are saying the starter is not turning the motor over? or the motor is turning but not firing? Is the noise a clicking or a whirring noise?


rappinrandy , what noise does it make? What have you checked?


RE: 2001 Vespa 150 CC

My Vespa has been on a battery tender almost a year and I have started it up with no problem. This morning, it would not turn over. Has gas though it is old. Has oil but again, it’s old.

Any suggestions / remedies?

Thank you,


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1st check your fuel system if it feeds correctly and make sure the carburators are clean

2nd check your high tension wires if it does fire up your spark plugs

hope it helps

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i bet the noise your hearing is from the starter when it try to start the engine.


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Starter Bering's locks or neutral safety switch is bad

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