Why is my w123 mercedez benz 200 smoke coming out from filter

my w123 mercedez benz 200 woulnt run, it starts and than stop like it stops like there is no power and also smoke coming from the air filter what should i do, car when it runs and sometimes like its jerking

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There is no such thing as a W123 Mercedes-Benz 200?????

Is this a diesel or gas model?????

In order to get an intelligent answer, you need to ask an intelligent question.


....and you need to learn to be nice! There are plenty of decent ways of soliciting additional information from the OP. None of this has anything to do with intelligence, but everything to do with being nice and cordial. Furthermore, you need to inform yourself about the Modelle 200 (W123 V20 123.020) which was built from Feb. 1976 - Nov. 1985 So mind your manners.


Mere Veisamasama, what year is your MB and just to verify,it is a 200 model with a gasoline engine and not a 200 Diesel?


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