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A digital camera manufactured by Canon Inc. released in september of 2010.

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Why my camera won't turn on?

I have pressed the power button multiple times, but my camera is not working.

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Bought used with no battery or charger. Ordered two brand new batteries and charger. Still nothing. I would like to have this in the bag as a back up if everything else bombs on a shoot.


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One of the problems that you may have could be related to battery issues: Try replacing the AA batteries within the camera.

You may also have encountered water damage, which can possibly fixed with a Thirsty bag

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This camera, the Canon SX30is, doesn't use AA batteries, but a rechargeable Li-ion.


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My camera won't turn on and I cannot download my photos. I do use rechargeable batteries and did replace them with regular AA batteries. Why won't it turn on? I have had it for about 4 years?

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