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This is the first generation of the Ford Escape, a compact crossover SUV. Production started in 2000 for the 2001 model year.

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Why does it sound like a head gasket is broke?

I have a 2001 ford escape and we recently changed the head gaskets and looks for leaks in the intake as well as their is no oil and water mixed the oil still looks fine but it sounds like it has a head gasket or a leak but I haven't been able to figure out what could make it do that. Is there anything else that could possibly make it sound like a tractor? Any help is appreciated.

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Richard, this "sound like a tractor" is usually not a sign of a bad head gasket. What is the performance like? Any grey, black, blue smoke? Increased fuel consumption? You originally changed the head gasket because of the sound or did it make the sound after you worked on it? The more details you can give, the greater the likelihood to get a couple of valid answers....


I was only able to drive it for a short time I tried to drive it up a hill to try and get the engine to run smoothly but it ended up turning the car off and I havent been able to get it to start again yet. no black or blue or grey smoke I didn't get to drive it far. It was acting like it blew a cylinder head gasket and sounded like it would with that issue but there was a lack of the symptoms such as there was no antifreeze or any visible leaks or anything. I replaced them in hopes it would fix the problem and it seem to have made it worse they were installed correctly but i cannot find the source of the issue. the only symptom it is showing is that it had the sound you would normally hear with a head gasket issue or a intake issue but it was missing and sputtering like tractor would make. There is no physical symptoms and I have checked everything and it seems right but it still is not acting like it should.


and i originally checked it for the missing and sputtering after it failed on the hill. it was working fine before but one day it started sputtering and would not run right.


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Richard.2001-2007 Ford Escape have scanned for engine diagnostic codes as a first step to aid in diagnosing fault. Check/remove all spark plugs and check for washed out appearance that would indicate a problem ensure plugs and wires are tight, good connection and proper firing order. The tractor like sound you hear could be loose spark plug/s, an exhaust leak manifold/pipe/connection or EGR leaking. Links below have symptoms, replacement and location of EGR valve. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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Check engine timing....

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