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Fourth generation of the Toyota Pickup.

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Changed 5 speed tran but will not do anything why?

Changed tranny in a 84 toyota pickup and will not do anything. Can not find safety switch under dash or on tranny. Need help.

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tracey, what do you mean by " will not do anything."? Also, what safety switch?


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I'm assuming he means the neutral safety switch. So it won't turn over? or won't start? I'm guessing you are pushing the clutch down when trying it? First be sure your battery has a full charge, if it does, and you turn the key and motor doesn't attempt to start, check the fuse box. test every single fuse, I had a '92 toyota truck that did the same thing to me. Since you swaped the tranny out, did you remember to connect the chassy ground to the engine block? try to give us as many details as you can, like if the motor turns over or not, verify the battery is full charged, don't just turn on the headlights and assume it's ok.

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The manual 5-speed doesn't have a neutral safety switch. There is a clutch switch (clutch needs to be fully pressed to allow starter to run).

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