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The BlackBerry Z10 is a touchscreen-based smartphone developed by BlackBerry, previously known as RIM.

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replace non working camera

Internal camera not focusing. Two thread size purple haze across image on rear facing camera. Unable to focus. Front camera clear. Phone dropped often. No lense damage visible. No cracks visible. Purple haze looks like internal cracks?

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not working camera


Yes it's. My BlackBerry camera has stopped working more than a year.


happy if it be fixed


I got it fixed but now it captures low quality images


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frank, I would download the BlackBerry Virtual Expert from BlackBerry World or go into Help and select Testing, which will allow you to use BlackBerry Virtual Expert without downloading it. With that you can test each feature in your BlackBerry Z10. Check both of the cameras with that. Also make sure that your software is updated. If your camera should be faulty use this teardown to see what is involved in changing it. The camera is not very expensive and can be purchased from places like this as well as many others. Hope this helps, good luck.

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