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The Asus F6A-X2 is a member of the F6 series of notebooks and runs on Windows Vista.

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What is causing my screen to stay black after Windows startup?

When I press the power button to turn on my computer, I can hear Windows starting up, but my screen remains black, and I can’t do anything. Can anyone help me with this?

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Kevin Yang, connect an external monitor and see what you get. If it does display an image, angle your laptop LCD and shine a flashlight at an angle. See if you can make out any shadows displaying on the LCD. If you do, then you are having backlight issues. You will have to open your computer and check the LVDS connector, and the inverter circuitry. If all the cables and inverter checks out and if you have a display on an external moniotr, replace your LCD. If the external monitor does not display any image either, then you are having problems with the computers GPU circuitry. Let us know what you find. Hope this helps, good luck.

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If the laptop is connected to another monitor, it could be outputting the image to a secondary screen. Press FN+F7 to toggle between screens. If that does not work, it could be that the screen's cable ribbon is loose or the pixels are dead. Head the to troubleshooting page for more details.

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Jonathan, that is absolutely incorrect. If you have a second (external) monitor connected to your laptop, and it does not display anything, your GPU (or its circuitry) is faulty. That would be a board level repair and not really feasible for a normal DIY'er. If the external monitor does display an image, but not the laptop LCD, then you are possibly having an issues with the cable, inverter, LCD panel. I think I know what you tried to say, but you need to elaborate on your "If that does not work" Right now it appears as if you are talking about the external monitor.


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