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The Intellivision is a video game console released by Mattel in 1979.

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Can I replace the zener diode?

I was wondering if it was at all possible to tell what diodes are needed to replace the zener diodes that are in the power supply?

I have one in my intellivision that corroded apart and wasn't sure if I should try replacing it, or if I should just buy a parts intellivision and just replace the board alltogether.

Block Image

*edited to add an image

Block Image

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post an image of the location and what it looks like, This may help to properly identify the parts. Use this guide to add images Adding images to an existing answer


I am sure that replacing any parts is safer than purchasing one for parts. You may just have old parts in that one as well :-)


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skyler, which one do you want to replace

Block Image

Block Image


skyler, C9 is actually a non-polarized capacitor 0.1 uF 25V ; CR5 is a IN4001 Diode. If instead of C9 you meant CR9, that is a Zener IN746. Hope this helps, good luck.

Needs Clarification

not exactly sure where you are describing. Are you looking for the components under the heatsink? From your description, it does sound more and more like capacitors. Use a graphics editor to mark the location on your image and repost it, or use my diagram and name the designators.

Block Image

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C9 is the zener that is out and cr5 is kinda corroded too


do they make non-polarized capacitors that look like zener diodes? (or did they I should say)


Not that I know off, but "C" is definitely capacitor vs "CR" which is a Diode or Silicon Rectifier


Would you happen to know what the zener was from the codes on it? it has 104z 50v and 8208 or 8z08 it's hard to read


The 104z could be a most likely 1N4148 switching diodes, but the 50V is confusing. You sure we are not looking at caps? Which part on your image (thanks for posting it) are you looking at?


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