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Kinect is a gaming peripheral for the Microsoft Xbox 360. It allows for audio and video input to let the player be the controller.

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Two Question About Kinect For Xbox 360?

i have two question about kinect

1- if i connected the kinect for xbox 360 to computer, is there any damage could happned to kinect ??

2- is there any solution or hacking for make kinect for xbox 360 work on computer ??

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Is this the same Kinect that you had asked previously about? the one with the burned out chip?


yea, my friend give it to someone to fix it and still no answer


iam just asking to sure iam right or wrong, i mean what happened to kinect because of me or because of the man who i bought from him the kinect

second i saw videos on youtube about hacking kinect but iam still not sure if that real or fake ???


i have another question

is the tools or gears in kinect for xbox 360 is same in kinect for windows and the different is the word on kinect (xbox 360, kinect) ????


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The kinect is made for the xbox but aswell as the computer, to get it to work simply plug it in and let windows download the correct software and drivers. If it does not install you then need to download the drivers at

The kinect for the computer come's with a SDK for scripting code for small games or applications.

I seen someone script a automated turret with it loaded with a nerf gun lol.

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FF90 thank you

can you give me direct link for drivers ??


Drivers - Link

<space> .NET - Link (required to work)


thanks for help but iam still confused


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FF90 is right, even so that the Kinect for the PC differs somewhat from the xBox Kinect. If you want to try to connect the Xbox Kinect to your computer, check on here for the requirements and software. To get a adpater for the Xbox to PC check on here. Do not expect to find very many games that will support this yet, and most of the software is still custom.Hope this helps, good luck.

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thank you for help me


if i connected the kinect for xbox 360 to computer, is there any damage could happned to kinect ??


there is no different product version that you can buy for a different platform. its compatible with both platforms on the same device


wow specifically says "NOT FOR USE WITH XBOX360" i learn something new everyday, i wonder if i can use the new SDK 1.5 with my original xbox kinect?


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No damage can occur from plugging the Kinect in to your computer, but unless you have the necessary drivers installed, you won't be able to do much.

Please visit OpenNI for information about an open source Kinect platform.

The book Making Things See is a very good resource for getting started with hacking the Kinect.

I personally have been able to write a few small programs to use the functionality of the Kinect to perform other tasks on the computer.

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i said that to the man who i bought from him kinect but he don't believe me, he said he plugin the adapter in jack and it's working and the damage i'm responsible of it, all i did it i put adapter in jack and connected the cable in usb and no answer from kinect no move no light nothing but the adapter working and and the lamb in cable is lighten but no response from kinect

any way thanks for help and after my kinect is fix and i think it's impossible i will try to connect it again to computer


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