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Repair information and guides for the CDMA version of the fourth generation iPhone. Model: A1349 / 8, 16, or 32 GB storage capacity

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Sticky power button solutions?

My Fiancee somehow managed to get frozen yogurt on her phone and her power button now doesn't like to function. It works but is very difficult to press and doesn't always like to come back up. Does anyone have any success in using something that may dissolve this without hurting the phone? After looking at replacing the entire button, it seems to be a pretty intense repair and i'd like to avoid replacing if possible.

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You may want to try using Isopropyl Alcohol and an old tooth brush to lightly clean the button area. Just dip the brush in the alcohol, shake off excess, and then clean in the button area. Make sure you get the bristles in the sides of the buttons.

If you are still having issues, you may want to consider taking the phone apart to clean the button some more.

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