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Origineel bericht door: Lucas Gonçalves ,


Display go black randomly


My laptop model is actually an Asus X510UR   with those specs:

Intel® Core i5 8250U

 Windows 10 [br]

RAM: 8 GB [br]

NVIDIA 930MX com 2GB GDDR5[br]

The problem:

Randomly when Im playing games, the screen of my laptop became black. I already tried without success:

-Change the Grease Past

-Update BIOS

-Play the same game on Ubuntu

-Disable the NVIDIA and play with Intel Graphics

-Play the game monitoring the tempetature and it stay arround 70°C


Just the imagens vanish, but the display still have backlight and the game didnt stop, I can hear everything.

I tried to plug the HDMI cable when the problem happens but in this case everthing stops.

I dont remember if the problem happens with regular use like Chrome, Word, etc. Always playing games.

What could be? Motherboard is dying?


Asus X555LA-SI305041