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Just verifying that there is no indications at all when using the projector’s keys or the remote control buttons to see if the projector is responding to any user inputs? Stupid thought but pressing “blank” on the remote doesn’t restore the projector so that the menus now work or that there is an image displayed when connected to a computer?

If there is no responses at all I’m wondering if it may be a firmware problem and hopefully not a hardware problem.

Here’s a link to the [|firmware update] for the projector. (scroll do to the Downloads section). The download file incorporates a pdf document along with the firmware that explains how to update the firmware. Just trying to do this may give an indication whether the projector still has some life.

If there is no response at all when trying this perhaps it may be a hardware problem, i.e. a faulty motherboard. After 10 years of non-use, components may have deteriorated or have been affected by the environment where the projector was stored.

Here’s a link to the ifixit [[Topic:InFocus LP540 Projector]] guide which should be of some help in gaining access to the internal components for an initial inspection.

I cannot find a service manual online for the projector, you may have better luck.