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Origineel bericht door: altbell ,


Michelle, I can give you a simple method of finding your trouble if you have the guts to take your wheel off.

You need a jack, probably the one that came with the truck is fine to start with. Find a level spot to park and get a couple of blocks to put under your back wheels so the truck will not roll either back or forward. One block at the back of the rear tire up tight and one at the front of the tire nice and tight. Use the truck jack to lift the front wheel where the manual shows . When it is in place start to jack up but leave the weight on the tire. Loosen the wheel lugs and continue lifting up the wheel off the ground. You are going to do some checks with the wheel on but the lugs loose but tight enough for the wheel to not flop around. If you do work on the truck it is good to block up the truck at the jack so it is not going to fall off the jack and hurt you.

Ok now the tire is off the ground get in front of the tire with both hands on the tire like you were using it as a steering wheel and rotate the tire forward and then backwards. You are listening for the sound and where it is coming from. If it sounds like from inside the rim and not in the center in front of you it is probably the brakes. Before you remove the wheel to look at the brakes tighten up a couple of the wheel nuts a bit tighter then try to wiggle the wheel on its bearings using your hands one at the top and the other at the bottom. Try to rock the wheel in at the top then in at the bottom. If you het any movement keep it pushed in and rotate the wheel a bit slowly and listen for grinding. If yes then it is a wheel bearing or a loose spindle/axel nut. At this point you have decided it is a wheel bearing either loose or bad, or you have no issue with the wheel bearing being loose and you need to take the wheel off and inspect further inside at the brakes.

I have no idea how mechanical you are so any further help would depend on your findings at this point.

Either wheel bearings or brakes, it is a job with a few tools can be done by your self if you are inclined to do your own work.

Do not forget to be as safe as possible the wheel chocks and blocking at the jack is to be taken seriously  in your testing, just a tip we tighten up the wheel nuts as tight as we can with the tire off the ground then lower it to get resistance and tighten them up more then lower all the way and do a final tighten up real good.

Let us know what you find.