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Origineel bericht door: Francois Coppens ,


Last week i repaired a ipad air. just as we do 3 times a day no problem what so ever.

Normaly i charge the battery before i give them back. But because the client needed the ipad i did not have the time to do so.

The client called me the next day and told me the ipad did not charge any more.

there also was no connection to the computer possible.

I told him this was strange because we never come in contact with the dockconnector ore the connector on the board.

but because we give service we would take a look at the ipad.

Problem was that this was the second time that there was a screen replacement and the first time it has been done by a other company so i wanted to check the ipad very carefully.

Then after removing the screen i tought about something i noticed before when i removed the screen.

one of the screws that hold the lcd connector was not in place. it was the screw on the right side between the to flexcables of the touch screen. i put i a new screw as we have those on stock.  thinking of a mistake i made ones with a iphone 5 where there was a wrong screw and i got the blue screen of dead. i removed the screw in the ipad and it started to charge again.

i checked the screw again against a other ipad i have in for repair and the length is oke. removed the screw from the other ipad and put it in the ipad with the cahrging problem and it stopped charing.  so now we have a ipad that has one screw less but at least it works.

moral of the story please keep your screws on the set place when removing from the ipad. i am glad i could solve it do because replacing a motherboard of a ipad air cannot be cheap.

hope this will help someone.

With regards