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Origineel bericht door: Christopher Castillo ,


changed the upper antenna connector. lower antenna/dock/headphone 3 times. each time i replaced the lower, the network worked for a day or less. a darn shame. iphone 6 was too good to be true.

Update (01/25/2017)

darn it. this is possibly temporary but this worked. for now at least. and dont blame me if something else happens. i took the risk as well. anyhow.

shut down phone.

remove sim card.

place phone in protective case.

drop on a sturdy hard table onto its backside from 12 inches high.

re-insert sim card.

Boot up your phone and see that glorious LTE.

its going to be awesome to wake up to "searching" "no service".

this is clearly a design flaw with the IC Chip that connects the antenna/networking system.