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Origineel bericht door: hollowaystacy ,


OMG! The drop method worked perfectly!

1. Have an iPhone 6 that has been dropped with and without a case approximately 1.5 years ago.

2. With clumsy handling and active toddler hands, my Screen was cracked twice

3. Signal (cellular) went out first weekend in November 2016

4. Sprint Tech support tried to trouble shoot- no resolve

5. Best Buy Tech- no resolve

7. Sprint Store- no resolve

6. Apple Store- screen repair with fixed signal issue only to lose signal a few days later

7. Sprint Repair store- Store not allowed to  open / repair phone

8. Ifixit- Power phone off, case on phone, go into garage, hold phone 12"-18" off ground, close eyes and Let Go..power phone on and RESOLVE!!!!!