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Origineel bericht door: jugnot ,


Hi all,

I spent almost 3 days on my pavilion PC trying to recover it after a Win 10 migration.

After having removed all the connections as well as cleared the CMOS battery nothing improved. I knew my PC was not dead because removing the DDR3 it started with the buzzer noise.

The root cause is the Windows fast boot in a corrupted environment (non working Win 10) and the fact my external keyboard was slower to boot-up than the PC itself.

The corrective action was to push the Reset (jumper or short circuit on OT-RST  on mother board) so that keyboard was up and running when the main board starts. They hitting F10 or DEL was taken into account and I could modify the boot options to get rid  of the corrupted WIN10 install.

Hope it will help you before you thru away your MOB.