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Garmin Nuvi 200 Troubleshooting

Here is a list of the common problems found with the Garmin Nuvi 200. Click on a link to view the corresponding repair guide.

Nuvi will not hold charge

Over time, a battery will lose its ability to hold charge, resulting in a shorter battery life. Eventually the battery will not be able to hold charge at all. If the Nuvi still functions while it is plugged in, then the battery may need to be replaced.

Distorted/missing audio

Although it may be obvious, first check that the volume is turned up on your Nuvi. If this doesn't fix the problem, the Nuvi may be frozen. Try restarting it. If it's still broken, then the speaker may need to be replaced.

Nuvi is unable to locate maps

If the Nuvi is responsive, but is unable to locate maps or if it remains "connecting to satellites," the Nuvi's firmware may be out of date. Firmware updates can be downloaded at the Garmin: Nuvi 200 product page, and can be installed by connecting the Nuvi to a computer via USB

Touchscreen does not respond/blank screen

If the screen on your Nuvi is illuminated but unresponsive, then it is most likely frozen. Try restarting the device.

If the screen is black, then the device may be out of battery, or the battery may be broken (see battery replacement guide). If the screen is cracked or broken, then the display will need replacing.

Logic board malfunction

If the Nuvi remains unresponsive or broken after basic troubleshooting, a more serious problem may be present. The Nuvi logic board may need replacing.

Restarting the Nuvi

Locate the reset button, located on the back of the device, in the lower left corner. Remove the sticker covering the button, and use a straightened paper clip or similar to depress the tab.

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i have a 260w model and I can't find the reset button

mb6000 - Antwoord

my nuvi 260w won't restart. it keeps on saying loading maps but nothing happens

mb6000 - Antwoord

The screen goes very dark while connected to the power cord but is normal when disconnected. Why?

karvy2 - Antwoord

nuvi shows map update notice. Press OK but nothing happens.

Geoff Haley - Antwoord

nuvi shows map update notice. Press the OK but nothing happens. Tried resetting but still the same?

Geoff Haley - Antwoord

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