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Asus ROG G750JM-BS17N23 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Asus ROG G750JM-BS17N23.

Computer Will Not Charge or Power On

If your computer will not power on.

Improper Power Supply Connection

Check to see if your power supply is connected to an outlet along with the correct port in your computer. If it is correctly plugged in, and you do not see a light on your power supply, replace your power supply. If this is still does not fix the problem, you likely have a faulty battery. Use the 3rd step in this guide to replace your battery.

Faulty Battery

Start by plugging in the power adapter. The power adapter should power the laptop. If your computer still does not power on try another power adapter. If the problem persist, you may need to replace the battery.

No Audio

There is no sound coming from your Asus ROG G750JM-BS17N23.

Out-Of-Date Audio Drivers

Check to see if the audio driver is up to date by visiting the product page on the Asus Manufacture website, select support, then go to the driver and tools page. Scroll down to find the Audio heading and select download. After the update has downloaded, your computer audio should be up to date, if your speakers still provide no sound you have faulty speakers.

Faulty Speakers

Begin by making sure that the volume is turned up by accessing the volume icon on the bottom right of your screen. An (x) will occur next to the volume icon if it is muted. If your volume is up and you still don't hear any sound refer to the speaker repair guide.

Computer running slow

"Your Asus ROG G750JM-BS17N23 is not running at the optimal speed."

Low Hard-drive Space

First, check Hard-drive space:

  • Open windows explorer on your laptop.
  • Access "This PC"
  • Find your (C:) drive
  • Storage is located below (C:) drive description.

To make space in your Hard-drive, right click on the storage file and delete any unnecessary files. Once you have cleared enough space, your computer should run smoother and faster.

Defective Hard-drive

Pay attention to the sound. A hard drive should make minimal to no noise. Using the BIOS you should be able to see the hard drive labeled as (C:), (D:)... etc. If not, the Hard-drive may be loose or detached from its connectors. Review how to replace the hard drive to find out how to do this.

Sticky keyboard/missing keys

The keyboard keys on your Asus ROG G750JM-BS17N23 are stuck or missing.

Sticky Keys

If the keys are stuck apply a computer safe cleaner by spraying or wiping over the keys. Work the cleaner into the sticky key by tapping the sticky key(s) until they work normally again. If this is not effective, use compressed air to clean out inside under the sticky key(s). You may need to remove the key(s) to clean them as well.

Missing Keys

If the keys on the keyboard are missing, replace them.

DVD Drive Not Opening or Reading Disc

You cannot open the disc tray on your Asus ROG G750JM-BS17N23 and/or it may not read the disc.

DVD Drivers Out-of-Date

To update your drivers, use the following URL:

Scroll down until you find "Others" and download the driver. If this does not fix your DVD Drive issue, it may need to be replaced.

Defective DVD Drive

If the DVD drive on your Asus ROG G750JM-BS17N23 refuses to open or does not read CD's or DVD's, it will need to be replaced.

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