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3GS refresh

Kayjee -

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS Rear Panel Replacement

iPhone 3GS Rear Panel Replacement

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I got an iphone5 to replace my 3GS in April. The 3GS served me well from October 09 until now, so I thought it deserved a bit of a refurb. I decided to get a new rear case/bezel, front glass and battery.

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This was a full tear down so, using the guides, I methodically disassembled the phone and carefully arranged all my parts. Everything went reasonably smoothly, though getting the volume/mute/headphone assembly was a bit of a faff. Plus there is no longer any adhesive on the long side of the display so it bows from its plastics cradle (the part with the home button) ever so slightly. Best of all, everything still works.

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The instructions for replacing the front glass tell you to very carefully remove as much adhesive as possible before adhering the new glass to the plastic cradle. There is no need to remove the adhesive from the long edges, though, since you're actually given no replacement adhesive for that area. Since I removed it, the front glass now bows out from the cradle along those sides. One day I'll take it apart to clean some dust off the inside and I'll have to find a better way to join the glass and cradle.

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