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Broken Screen

chasp -

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS Front Panel Replacement

iPhone 3GS Front Panel Replacement


Mijn probleem

Since I was able to have AT&T unlock this out-of-contract phone for international use, I decided to fix the screen. For the third time. Confession: I'm a dropper. When I got my 4S new, I bought an Otterbox "Impact" case, but it got a bit loose for my taste. Now I have a "Gumdrop" case and I love it even more than I loved the otter. I haven't broken any part of the 4S yet, which is amazing given my track record. Sorry about the tangent, but those cases have literally saved my phone from certain doom. Buy one if you're a dropper too.

Mijn oplossing

The repair went pretty well. The photos on this website could be a LOT more high-resolution. That would help immensely, esp. for people who have never even seen the inside of their phone before. (When it was repaired before, it was performed by apple and by another retailer who offered the service.) The most frustrating part was getting the little shards of glass and adhesive off of the top and bottom of the casement. Heat helps a LOT. If it is very obstinate, reheat it.

Mijn advies

User: Heat the adhesive- it comes off a lot more easily.

iFixIt: higher resolution photos

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