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iPhone 5C battery replacement

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iPhone 5c

iPhone 5c Battery Replacement

iPhone 5c Battery Replacement

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My phone is long since out of warranty or support. The battery had gotten to a point where I needed to charge as I used for traffic app, etc. I watched the videos and decided it was well within my capabilities to change battery. Worst case scenario would be that I irretrievably broke something and had to buy a new phone. I know there will be a new phone in the future, but I am looking to buy some time before I HAVE to do it.

Mijn oplossing

All was good until the double stick tape decided to break. That's when patience came in handy. Once the battery was out, it was all pretty straightforward and quick. I was back up and running in an hour and 15. I tested with a phone call & facetime to verify that basic functionality was in place. I followed the instructions to drain less than 10% ( I went down to 8), then recharged. The first recharge to 100% took about 12 hours. Since it was so slow in the first 8 hours, I switched into airplane mode to complete the charge. I used it normally and again, took the battery level down to under10% before recharging. Second charge happened in "normal" amount of time.

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LOL, find the video where it explains what to do if the double stick tape breaks. Be prepared in advance, because that is the area with the most chance of being problematic. Bright light from the side is helpful. Some of the screws are VERY tiny, so have a way to corral and identify which ones they are. Folks who deal with small electronics already know this, but I am used to teardowns on things with larger parts.

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