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3GS front panel installation

jessweaver -

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS Front Panel Replacement

iPhone 3GS Front Panel Replacement


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Shattered screen

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I watched the repair video and read the instructions several times to prepare and make sure I was familiar with all the parts and processes. Each step was pretty straightforward and simple up until the removal of the plastic frame from the broken screen. That was the most challenging and time-consuming. I did not have a heat gun or hair dryer so I held the piece up to a 100W light bulb for a few minutes on each corner then on the sides. It worked! Using the metal spudger I was able to pry the glass free.

Reassembly was fairly simple. The one problem was the plastic backing on screen. It seemed like it should come off but I could not get anything loose and there was no pull-tab. Not wanting to force a delicate piece, I figured this was some sort of dust barrier on the replacement part so I moved on. Another challenge was re-attaching cable #2. It took a bit of working around and trial & error but I got it on, closed up the phone and successfully powered it up. But then I noticed a rectangular film with tapered edges around the border of the screen. It was that plastic piece I was unable to remove from the back of the glass. Still, I wasn't sure if this was normal for the replacement part or not. But after looking at the screen in sunlight and seeing the foggy film, it became apparent this was a protective plastic sheet that was meant to be removed. I have yet to re-open the phone and try to remove this.

Overall the repair was challenging but not daunting. It took about 2.5 hours. A sad sidebar to my story: about 24hrs after replacing the screen I dropped the phone and cracked it again! I have owned the phone for 2 years and never dropped it, then twice in two weeks! Ugh!! Fortunately it's a small crack in the upper right part of the glass and does not obscure the screen but I may be back to ifixit for more parts.

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Advice: I would like to see the instructions a tad more detailed. There was no mention of the plastic backing, not in even in the answer forums. Also, for re-attaching cables I would recommend a description of how much force is needed to re-seat them or some other tip on how to do it efficiently. Also, you could provide "experienced ifixer" vs. "novice ifixer" sets of instructions. The former more concise, the latter more detailed to include stuff that might be obvious to a more experienced user.

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