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For more information regarding common troubleshooting issues check out Royal Heat RS-100 Troubleshooting Page

Identification and Background

The Royal Heat RS-100 was manufactured in Taiwan in 1989. It works by flowing electric current through a resistive coil and converting it into heat energy. The heating elements inside the heater are called the coils which contain many layers of metal (a conductor) wound around a core.

The Royal Heat RS-100 functions as a fan heater. It transfers heat from the device to the surrounding area by using an electric fan.

To differentiate the Royal Heat RS-100 from other space heaters, look for the following features. On the front, the RS-100 has four rectangular resistors with a metal net cover, a dial-switch with three positions (Heat-Off-Fan), and a dial to adjust the power. On the back, a removable filter hides the fan inside. On the bottom of the heater, you will find the identification plate and it contains the model number (RS-100), power input and output, and the serial number.


Model: RS-100

Release Date: 07/1989

Power Source Required: Standard 120v 2-prong outlet

Color: Black

Power consumption: adjustable up to 1500W

Voltage rating: 120 V (60Hz)

Output: Up to 5200 BTU

Dimensions: 6.5 L x 5 W x 7.5'' H

Unit weight: 8 lbs

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