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Identify the cause of common issues with the ZBook 15 troubleshooting guide.

Background and Identification

The HP ZBook 15 was released in 2013 as a workstation laptop weighing approximately 6.2 lb. It has dimensions of: 15 x 10.1 x 1.2 in.

The model number can be found underneath the battery for additional identification information. The model number for a ZBook 15 is F1M31UT, however ZBooks can have different letters or numbers tacked onto the end of the model numbers due to their shipped parts. A similar computer called the ZBook 15 G2 exists, and is practically identical to the Zbook. The G2 has a larger component selection than the ZBook, but both models can be worked on with the same guides since they have the same internal configuration.

The laptop was designed to give easy access to most of its components. The majority of parts lie directly underneath the back panel and can be accessed easily.

Additional Information


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