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Dit zijn een aantal algemene gereedschappen die gebruikt worden om aan dit apparaat te werken. Je hebt niet elk stuk gereedschap voor elke procedure nodig.

Background Information

The HP Compaq 6910p is a lightweight 14-inch laptop that is a part of HP's business line. Features include three USB ports, a FireWire port, and a built-in optical drive. Security for this device includes a fingerprint reader and TMP model. The screen is brightly-lit, and the wide screen is ideal for reading Excel spreadsheets with multiple columns. The frame of this device is covered with Magnesium alloy, so it is sturdy enough to take on the road safely. This device was released in March 2008.

Most of the HP business line laptops look very similar. If you're not sure which version of the HP Compaq you have, check the model number on the bottom of your device.


To diagnose problems with your device, refer to the troubleshooting page .


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