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Before using the repair manuals, check if you can solve your problem through our Coby DVD-209 Ultra Compact DVD Player Troubleshooting Page


This particular DVD player features a top-loading, ultra portable design. The DVD player comes in either matte black or silver. All the edges are rounded with no square edges. It does not have a monitor or LCD screen attached. When opening the DVD player, the company name "COBY" is on the lower left edge near the power indicator. Also, there are three buttons on the lower right surface when viewing the DVD player from the top.

Background Information

Coby Electronics was started in 1991 by Young Dong Lee to provide affordable electronics to consumers of all income levels. They manufactured headphones, cassette players, and audio and video accessories. In the late 1990's, Coby focused their attention on the audio category because the video market was overwhelmed by other large corporations. However, as technology advanced, music was downloaded through online resources and their audio market was negatively affected. As the DVD became the new VHS, Coby was given the opportunity to expand their company to fabricating electronics in both video and MP3 based products.

The Coby DVD-209 Ultra Compact DVD Player is a good example of Coby's expansion into the video market. They created this model for consumers who are looking for an easy way to share their DVDs, music, and JPEG photos.

This device is discontinued.

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