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Device Won't Turn On

"You're trying to make that little power light come on..."

Check Power Cable

Make sure the power cable is plugged into the DVD player and into a power outlet.

Be sure that the outlet is working properly and gives power to other devices.

Replace The Fuse

If the DVD player still won't turn on, the fuse may be burned out. Follow the repair guide to replace the fuse inside the device. How to Replace the Fuse.

Does Not Play

"The DVD player is not even doing its job!"

No Disc

If their is no disc in the DVD player, nothing will play. Insert a disc and try playing the DVD again.

Disc Orientation

Check if the disc was loaded upside down. It must be loaded label-side up to work properly. Flip the DVD right-side up and try it again.

Damaged or Dirty Disc

If the disk seems dirty and covered in debris, clean it off and try again. When the disc is too scratched-up or damaged, it will not be able to play.

Moisture In the DVD Player

If the DVD still wont play, there could be moisture in the device. Remove the disc from the DVD player and leave the unit powered on for one to two hours to dry.

No Video Display/No Sound

"Black Screen is NOT my favorite channel."

Check Audio Video Cables

Make sure the audio and video cables are plugged into the DVD player and the television. The cables must be plugged in according to the color of the cables. The red plug must be plugged into the red port. The same goes for the white and yellow plugs and ports.

Video Setting On Television

After the audio/video cables are properly plugged in and the unit is powered up, make sure the television is on the 'input' or 'video' mode.

Damaged or Dirty Disc

If the disk appears dirty, clean it off and try it again. When the disc is too scratched up or damaged it will not be able to play properly.

DVD Player Is on Rewind/Pause/Fast Forward/Mute

When the DVD is being re-winded, paused, or fast forwarded there is no sound. Also, when the television is muted, there will be no sound.

Can't Skip Playlist/Fast Forward

"I lost the power of control!!"

Disabled Skip or Fast Forward Function at Certain Parts

Many discs are programmed to disable the skip or fast forward function at certain parts, especially the warning sections. Also, see the "Remote Control Doesn't Work" section if you are using a remote.

Single Chapter Disc

Some discs have only one chapter and usually cannot skip, but are able to fast forward.

Remote Control Doesn’t Work

"I want to be able to play my disc while I'm buried in my couch."

Change Batteries

Check the orientation of the batteries. The negative end of the battery should be placed touching the spring side of the battery canal . The positive end goes against the non-spring wall of the canal. Replace the batteries because they might have run out of power, and dispose of them properly if they are not rechargeable.

Could Be Too Far Away From the DVD Player

The DVD player has a limited range for receiving a signal from the remote control. The remote control is ineffective once you are about 15 feet away from the device. Also, not pointing the front of the remote directly at the DVD player will negatively affect the player's response.

Disc Stops and Starts Repeatedly

"Its a DVD player, not a blender... it's not supposed to sound like that."

Disc Dirty, Scratched, Possible Moisture

The laser that reads the disc is very sensitive to foreign particles. Things like dirt, scratches, and moisture can effect the lasers ability to read it. Wipe down your disc with a soft fabric and inspect it for scratch marks before proceeding to replace the disc.

Not Compatible With Coby DVD Player

Some types of discs, such as Blu-ray or video game discs, are not able to be read by the DVD player's laser. For a list of discs compatible with this particular DVD player, consult the “Disc Types Compatible” troubleshooting list.

Disc Types Compatible

"Why won't this disc work?"

The only types of discs that are able to play in this device are:

DVD (Digital Video Disc)

CD-DA (Compact Disc - Digital Audio)

CD-MP3 (Motion Picture Expert Group Audio Layer 3)

CD-R/CD-RW (Compact Disc - Readable/ Compact Disc - Readable and Writable)

Problem Message Displayed On Screen

"....that's not good.."


Disc region code doesn’t match specific player. This means the DVD player cannot read the specific type of disc you have placed in the device. For acceptable types of discs to be used with the DVD player, consult the “Disc types compatible” troubleshooting list.


Depending on the quality of the disc, the player will either continue to play or stop spinning the disc.

DVD Player Is Unresponsive

"Stay calm.... we can get through this..."

Possible Malfunction

The DVD player can be overloaded with data sometimes and may freeze or shutdown. When this happens, the safest thing to do is reset the player. To do so, press and hold the power button for five seconds to power off the DVD player. Then unplug the power for 30 minutes. The DVD player's "restore" function should reset it.

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the disc wont turn, power switch is slide cannot follow reset proceedure

Ernest Attwood - Antwoord

My Colby portable disc player keeps displaying 'Bad Disc' on the screen but the disc plays on another disc player

Tony R - Antwoord

The Colby DVDs player plays the disc and with sound but only half the screen is visible. It's like the screen shifted to the right. What can I do?

Andy Vasa - Antwoord

Why can't the player turn on I tryed everything

Jenelle - Antwoord

My copy DVD player is not working because red light is blinking and green light is not appeared, hence DVD is not on. Faults are may in power section or in mother board. Please let me the reasons and send me how can I rid of the troubleshooting and repair my above DVD.

Shamrao - Antwoord

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