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Released March 2006, identified by model D620 on the keyboard bezel.

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Why my laptop shows nothing on screen while its on

whenever i turned on my laptop it doesn't show anything on the screen but i heard the start sound of my operation system....i need to know what is the problem of that case,is it video card or something else???? help please

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msumari, it could be the LCD, the CCFL, the inverter, or the video card. Start off by using an external monitor and see if your laptop is truly still working properly. If your external monitor works, it is most likely not your video card. If you angle a light against the LCD and you do see some shadows of your icons, just very dark, that means your backlight is out. This could be a bad CCFL. You can also measure the inverter with a multimeter (watch for the high voltage on it) The inverter is separate from the LCD and relatively inexpensive compared to replacing the LCD. Of course, you also want to make sure that all the cables are connected and that they are intact. Make sure that they are not broken around the hinges. To work on your laptop use these guides. Hope this helps, good luck.

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I have worked with these computers before, and from experience I think it is the video card.

There was a problem with laptops from around that time, if they used Nvidia graphics chips. (NVS 110M for the D620/D630?)

If you have an Intel one, then It's most likely something else.

If you have the Nvidia thing, Google "GPU Reflow" and you'll find ways to do it.

It usually doesn't last very long.

If you want it to last long you should reball the GPU. Unfortunately there's no easy way to do it at home...yet.

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Try connecting an external monitor to make sure that your GPU or video card is working properly. If it works fine with an external monitor then the problem is with your LCD so before replacing the LCD you can check if there is not any lose contact of LCD cable jack If that doesn't work then you can go ahead to replace a new screen.

If attaching the external monitor doesn't work then your graphic chip is gone and in most cases replacing the motherboard option would be the last left.


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