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iPod Classic 6th Generation. Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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Audio Out is not working on my iPod Classic

I can not get any audio to play from my iPod Classic. It seems to be functioning properly internally meaning when I plug it into my computer I can manage my music collection and play directly from my iPod. But when I use headphones, my home audio system, or any iPod docking station I can't get any audio to come out. The iPod thinks it is playing, and the volume control is able to be adjusted up and down. But no sound comes out. This problem started slowly. At first it would work sometimes and sometimes not when plugged into a docking station. And then not at all. And same with the headphone jack. First static, then nothing. Funny thing is that both these problems started at the same time and both gave out entirely at the same time. I'd like to not just junk this iPod but apple is going to charge me $100 just to look at the thing. Any suggestions?

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Andrew exactly what iPod do you have? Is it a Classic Or a 5th gen Video?


Thanks for the insight. I have a 60 GB 5th gen iPod with the same problem. I went to the link to the forum you mentioned below It took a while to poke around and to apply the right pressure (a lot) with a pointed dowel, but heating it with a blow dryer and cooling by blowing worked. Let's see how long it lasts. Thanks again.


Apparently this works. I make no claims


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Andrew, I just like to verify that you are talking about a Classic and not a 5th Gen video. A lot of times people refer to the 5th gen as a Classic as well. The 6th and 7th Gen are actually the Classic. Now for the problem with the audio. This particular model has a problem with an IC on the logic board. the solder on the audio IC does develop microcracks and loses contact with the logic board. You can try and see if you get sounds by applying some pressure to the right lower side of the ipod, almost between the click wheel and the bottom corner. If you should get sound by doing so, then you only have very few options. One is a new logic board for about $40 on eBay; the other one is to reflow your old logic board. Or you can try what warnergt did on By now I can verify that this works since I performed a reflow on three of the boards and it solved the problem. The logic board is of course available at ifixit as well. Any of this will be cheaper that the $100 for the diagnostics alone. Hope this helps, good luck.

iPod Video (30 GB) Logic Board Afbeelding


iPod Video (30 GB) Logic Board


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Are there instructions on how to reflow the chip? You mentioned in your post but no specific directions.


My iPod 5.5gen 80GB crapped out with no audio due to this bad soldering on this IC chip. Would love to see more info details on reflowing as well


may be this is an issues,check it direcltly IC chip


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Try resetting your iPod. That works for me.

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I reset mine last night and it worked on my Bose docking system. Unfortunately it didn't work this morning on my Sony. I'm going to try to reset it again. I have the 5th generation with video. I hate my new iPod Touch. I so much more prefer my old one :(


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