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The MacBook family was first introduced in May 2006 and replaced the iBook as Apple's consumer laptop.

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MacBook Top Case Compatibility?

Will a top case made for the older Core Duo MB (the one with the brown cable) work on a Core 2 Duo MacBook (the one with the silver cable)? I think that I have a defective C2D top case and thought about checking the power-up capacity by using a spare Core Duo top case that I own. The connectors on the logic board seem compatible, but the C2D machine still will not power up with the known-good top case from the Core Duo.

Is this possibly a compatibility problem on power-up, or something else?

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I've never had a problem with any A1181 topcase working on another A1181. I've used the old ones and the newer (silver) ones in both Core Duos and Core 2 Duos. If you use an older topcase on a newer machine, sometimes Software Update will download and apply a firmware update for the "keyboard", but other than that there is no difference, and it should be fully usable even before the firmware update is applied.

If your Core Duo topcase is known good and doesn't work on the Core 2 Duo, and the Core 2 Duo topcase is not working on the Core 2 Duo, I'd suspect something is wrong with your Core 2 Duo. You might want to try the Core 2 Duo topcase on the Core Duo machine. If it works, that means the Core 2 Duo computer itself has a problem, and if it doesn't work, then I'm confused. :-) If you don't have another actual laptop to test with, you might try taking everything to an Apple store, and hopefully they will be able to assist.

Also, I'm making the assumption above that you probably have a bad topcase, but on second thought it might be more likely be the computer itself. Do you get a light on the AC plug when you attach it? Have you tried resetting the PMU? Have you tried reseating the RAM? Have you tried a different AC adapter?

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If you check the product page here you will see it will work in all 13.3" MacBooks besides the unibodies. Basically nothing ever changed with regards to it. It's the same part (other than minor keyboard changes).

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rab777hp is right on the money here. There are some changes in the markings on the function keys, and the cable connecting the topcase to the motherboard looks different (the earlier one is brown, the later one is silver - and shorter); but the topcases/keyboards/trackpads/power buttons work just the same. I've swapped earlier and later topcases between later and earlier Macbook A1181s, without detecting any functional difference.


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I had the same problem where a V1 topcase with a copper cable would not work on my black core2duo, whereas my original damaged silver-cabled topcase still powers up fine. According to the advice here, they should be interchangeable which means my replacement is defective, yet it is a brand new part so I'm wondering if there is some truth to people's claims on incompatibility.

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Can anyone confirm this? I have a 2008 Black C2D that needs a new topcase. Will the old type work here?


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