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Device teardown for the Nintendo Virtual Boy, a single player 3D 32 bit gaming console released in 1995.

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right eye shows no picture

Virtual Boy Nintendo Game System unit works but the right eye is completely dead no picture at all how do i troubleshoot this?

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Luke, I suppose it is time to disassemble your VB and to take a look at the oscillating mirror on the right side as well as the display unit. If either one of those wont work, you will have no display. Until you have it apart, anything will just be a guess. Check the teardown on here so you know what to look for. Hope this helps to get you started.

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The video the guy give the correct answers about the repair but he way he suggest fixing it is terrible. Use a heat gun and flat solid object like a knife. Use one hand to apply pressure to the ribbon cable with the back edge of the knife. Use a butter knife nothing sharp. Use a pot holder to hold the knife so you don't get burned. Use your other hand to apply gentle heat for about 2 minutes. Allow to cool. If you still don't get a picture then you will have to use more intense heat. I have fixed them this way you should be able to as well.

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BE CAREFUL not to spike the heat with this method. Tried about 5 times, getting _negligible-incrementally_ more stable rows each time (from 100% dead to start). Finally went all-in on the sustained heat+pressure and... melted the end of the ribbon onto the knife, from which point it peeled completely off the PCB. RIP eyepiece, unless I can find someone with amazing fine soldering skills.

So... right idea, but be VERY PATIENT and do NOT go full-bore up-close on the heat gun, and possibly not even for 2 minutes at once. Also, DO find something- a strip of weighted-down cardboard, metal plate, spring-clamp, etc.- to shield all but the end of the ribbon or it can begin to melt!


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Hey Luke, I just fixed one this week.

You have to take it apart and reflow the ribbon that creates the picture on that side. It is very simple, make sure and not use too much heat.

There is a good video on a tear down and reflow of the ribbons.

In the video the guys uses an oven to reflow, but I used a heat gun instead.

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