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The LX260 Rumor is a simple slide phone with a 1.3MP camera, MP3 player and a microSD slot.

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Replace a broken LCD on LG LX260 phone?

I stepped on my LG LX260 cell phone and broke the LCD. The polycarbonate front is fine, but the LCD is all white with black around the cracks. The local repair place seems really sketchy, so I'd like to do it myself. I haven't even figured out how the front comes off yet. Any tips for this operation would be appreciated.

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A short search on the internet turned up this video. Which leads to the second half of the video here

Part one is disassembly, and part two he actually gets to the LCD.

The guy works in a mall as you can see, but he also sells parts. Even though he sells the part for $60 bucks, I found one for $17.

I could describe it, but why should I when there is this detailed video doing it so well.



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