Mid 2006 / model number A1181 / black or white case / 1.83 or 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo processor.

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top case cable replacement

I purchased a top case which came with a silver cable, but my existing one is bronze (brown?) It does not seem that I can connect the old brown one to the new case at the track pad, because there is no connection to what the instructions call the mouse button ribbon. Do I need to return the case you sent and get one with a brown cable or can I replace the silver cable with the old brown one?

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The brown vs silver cable have a different connector to the computer AND to the top case. On Ifixit's advice I took the brown cable from my old top case and used it on the new top case, but I still got no key or trackpad action (which is the problem I was trying to correct). The brown cable does not seat itself on the circuit board under the track pad, either, and it is my opinion that the two cables are not interchangeable. So I'm off to buy a new computer. (BTW, S/N is 4H63134HU9B, I can't read my own writing.) Thanks to all for help and advice. For pictures of the brown cable connection at the track pad and the "mouse button ribbon cable", see step 18 of the Upper Case Cable Installation Guide.


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Apple MacBook "Core Duo" 1.83 13" Specs

Identifiers: MacBook - MA254LL/A - MacBook1,1 - A1181 - 2092

Apple part # 922-7601

You probably got the wrong part, most likely one for a newer machine.

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Well, on my black Macbook I'm running a 922-8126 afterall. So, it's just a matter of finding the right one.


Stef - that part shows as a Core 2 Duo part, not a CoreDuo part. http://search.store.yahoo.net/lovemacs/c...


I wish to have found this site before. However, I'm running a silver cable on a CoreDuo. I'm sure of that, because... before moving I asked right here. Will topcases number 922-8126 and 922-7886 work on my MacBook A1811? . Also, i remember the dealer told me he had a 922-8126 and a 922-7886, and I told him "Pick one of them: I just don't care".

Whatever I got, I'm running.

As far as I was told, and iFixit seems to confirm, the Foxconn connector (silver cable) and the Original ribbon (Bronze) cable should be interchangeable.

However, I'll put this site in the favorites.


There's also this blurb on the iFixit parts site:


"You can upgrade to the Santa Rosa/Penryn Upper Case, featuring a new keyboard layout (including iTunes controls)!"

I don't know if it's true: afterall, I never found a Santa Rosa case with the needed Italian layout, then. But I swapped my brown ribbon v1 cracked and discolored topcase for a mint v2 silver one.


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First and foremost: to be truly sure about the answer I'm giving you I need the exact model of your machine. You're telling me it's a Macbook Core Duo, thus an A1181.

The iFixit user community needs the last four letters and numbers of your Macbook serial number to be sure about the machine. You can find the serial number in System Profiler, or on the original Package.

Short Story

If you're sure is a Macbook Core Duo, you should just connect the new topcase you've got to your logic board, without any other hassle. It will work. You can check this guide ( MacBook Core Duo Upper Case Replacement ) for references, both about installing the brown cabled ones, both about installing the silver cabled ones.

Long Story

Actually, the Bronze Cable and the Silver Cable are different in the way they connect to the Top Case part, but they've got the same connector on the Logic Board part. I too used to have a Brown Cable, and now I've got a Silver.

Fact is that your model, the Macbook 1,1 and the earliest Core2Duo, the Macbook 2,1, came with a Topcase of a rather thin plastic that used to chip, bend, discolor and deform with wear and tear.

And that was the "v1" Topcase.

Because of all the complaining, Macbook started building sturdier, stronger topcases, the "v2", getting them from their now dealers, the Foxconn if I'm not mistaken.

Those studier topcases came with a Silver Ribbon, and were different in the way the ribbon latches on the Topcase, but not in the way the ribbon latches to the logic board

Then, came the v3 model, shipped with the latest Macbook A1181 (seemingly the one you got from iFixit), sturdy as the v2, but with the iTunes keys.

So, just connect it the way it is.

Furthemore, this is an help community staffed by happy customers, not by iFixit itself.

If your new Topcase develops issues, or you've got commercial questions, you should write a mail to iFixit itself.

But, if your machine is an A1181 (please, provide us with the serial number to be sure), there shoulnd't be issues.

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So it doesn't matter that there's no "mouse button ribbon cable"?S/N4H63134HU913


It's weird: is the S/N correct? On everymac it doesn't show a Macbook.

However, your topcase should come with the cable already attached. Just connect it to the logic board, if it's a Macbook it should run.

Tell me what do you mean for "Mouse button ribbon Cable". Could you snap a photo?


Check this guide as a reference MacBook Core Duo Upper Case Cable Replacement

Go to page 8, start from step 22.

Is your situation exactly like the one in those pictures? If yes, just latch the topcase, exactly as they sent that to you, to the logic board, turn on the laptop and it should work.

If the situation is any different, report here.


Look for your serial number in the battery compartment, it probably starts with a "W". The number you gave is not getting any results.


Well, this should work. MacBook Santa Rosa/Penryn Upper Case with Keyboard

Also, the other ones without the "iTunes keys". As suggested by mayer, you probably got the wrong part or, if that's the part we're speaking of, it's defective.

When contacting iFixit, be sure to tell you the machine index informations mayer gave you. They'll be helpful.


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I just bought a new top case for my A1181 with part number 613-6408 (bronze cable) and connected it to the logic board which previously had a topcase with part number 613-6695 DD#2 (silver cable).

Only the power button works, but the keyboard and trackpad do not work at all. So it looks like they are not interchangeable after all even though the connectors look the same.

Can someone please clarify or confirm that the two part numbers are not cross compatible. Or is it just a faulty topcase that I have received.

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I have the same problem of Brian.

I changed the topc case due to impossibility to turn on the pc as the on button was faulty.

Now it turn it on but the trackpad and the keyboard doesn't works.

Do you know why?

The silver cable on the right connect both keyboard and trackpad while the bigger one on the left it's for power on/off?


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