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The HTC Desire is the first smartphone of the Desire series developed by HTC.

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How to replace cracked glass screen?


I have a HTC Desire A8183 with a cracked glass screen (front) that I would like some help in replacing.

I have never tried to fix anything before so as much (simple, easy to understand) information as possible would be very much appreciated!!

I also need to find out where I can buy a replacement screen from too!

Thank you in advance,


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Laura, here is a video that should help you to accomplish your task. If you are more of a picture step-by-step person check on here. Replacement parts are available here and here and of course here. Hope this helps, good luck

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I have the same problem (cracked glass screen) but, I have a HTC Desire X. So I wondering if I can replace just front glass or must replace touch display too (touch display works normaly!)

Thank you for your information!


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