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C:\windows\system32\ parameter is incorrect, how do I fix t

My computer acts like its going to load correctly and then an error message pops up and doesn't load anything. Any tips on how to fix?

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Did you recently use Spybot i.e. to clean your computer? What OS are you using?


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You can try to boot into Safemode and do a system restore to a point prior to when this error occurred.

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try repairing your windows by using your installation disk select repair and when the command prompt appears type the following after the command prompt:

chkdsk /r /p

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Since you are not getting to windows, you will not be able to install new programs.

Most likely your windows is corrupted.

You may try to repair the windows by using the windows OS CD.

If that does not help you may have to reinstall windows on your system again.

You can do this by the windows CD which you got with the purchase of your system.

Instead of install choose to repair windows and follow on screen instruction to finish installation.

Good Luck.

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