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Cheap computer sewing machine branded Singer.

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Singer M2100 Claw wont move into proper position

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I bought a used Singer M2100 for 60 bucks. It looks pretty new came with box. I could not get it to pick up the bottom thread. I adjusted upper needle and when I went to adjust the claw it wouldnt budge even though i loosened the arm. Any tips?

I didnt see a section for this sewing machine. I really dont want to throw it away if it can be fixed.

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Hi @lexxiplexi

Here's a link that may help.

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Thanks! Ill give it a read and try anything I haven't yet. Hope to get this working. Im a beginner so im sure theres something im overlooking.


I didnt manage to get this working sold it as is to someone else who said they could repair it.


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