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Acer Aspire 3050 laptop.

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AC Adapter not charging my battery?

My Aspire 3050 does not work unless I hold the adapter plug a certain way and will not charge my battery? Any ideas

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It sounds like you have either a loose connection at the plug or a broken wire at the plug. Make sure that it is your AC adapter and not the connector on the motherboard. You can check the barrel with a multimeter. Unplug it from the computer, insert the probes from the multimeter and see what output you have. Bend the cable by the connector to see if you lose power. If you don't it is the connector on the motherboard. So, if it loses power, you can try and repair it by getting a new barrel connector. The particular dimension are on the image attached. You can try to get one form or digikey. com as well as other places. It will require that you cut the old one of, shorten the cable and solder a new one on. Just watch the polarity. If your DC power does not get interrupted when you move the cable, you may have to replace the power jack on your laptop. It is soldered to the board. Check here for a quick look at it. There are also a a couple of videos right here. They are not for the 3050 but it is the same repair. You can get the service manual from here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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my acer aspire one 722 adapter doesn't charge , no loose conncetion ,no loose wire etc. may I know why ?.


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