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Refrigerator runs but fan not running.

Refrigerator runs but fan not running.

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Hello, What are you looking for are you wanting to know how to diagnose the issue or how to get to the fan.

Have you performed any diagnostics your self if so what have you tried.

I would probably find the fan connector and make sure there is voltage going to the fan first of all then take it from there.

Please let me know I would be happy to try and assist you.

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The "fan" I assume you are referring to is the one that pulls in cold air from the freezer to the refer?

If so, it is thermally controlled. So, the fan won't run unless the refer temp is above its trip point. That thermal device may be connected inline with the fan, or it may be connected to the control board, which then powers the fan.

So, assuming the freezer is at temperature, your issue is either:

1, the fan

2, the thermal sensor

3, the control board

4, associated connectors and wiring.

Start at the fan and work backwards to the control board.

The control board may also require that the freezer is at a certain temp. Then you need to find out why it isn't, or why the control board thinks it isn't.

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