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Televisions made by the Chinese multinational electronics company, TCL.

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Momentary backlight... LEDs replaced, voltage seems ok.. what next?

Block Image

Block Image

TCL 43S433.


  • at power-on/plug-in, picture comes on (TCL logo) for maybe 1 second
  • picture visible with "flashlight test" (dark room + flashlight)
  • remote works
  • sound works
  • Already attempted factory reset (ie. navigating thru menus with flashlight)
  • replaced LED backlight strips
  • volt-meter reads 87V (per one YT video that suggests the power board is ok?)

At this point I try the main board??

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@mikezimmerman "At this point I try the main board??" only if it signals the power board to turn off the backlight. You can measure that on the power board to main board connector. Check the voltage on the BL-ON contact. Let us know what it shows. Hopefully you have the back cover still open. Let us know if your TV has a separate T-con board. If so, there could be issues with that as well. One more thing, measure the voltage to your backlight with the strips connect and then with the strips disconnected. Let us know what the voltage difference is.

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I am not seeing any BLON/BLERR on the silkscreen of any of the cards, so I can't probe it.

My LED power connector is using pins 6(black) and 10(red). I read 87V between then, and 150V to the chassis. This didn't change with the connector in vs. out.

Now where it gets truly curious is that when probing I accidentally shorted pins 5 and 6 (there is a big cap restricting access to pin 6.. and I got a small spark in doing so... at which point everything started working again ?!?!?!

I can't say I have any confidence in this... but may complete the re-assembly and see. So far it survived a 10 minute power-off and still came back on...

Oh, there is no separate tcon board, so I guess it's integrated to the main board 40-MR17T1-MAB2HG (which is annoying out of stock most places.. and the ebay listings do not inspire confidence)


Added pics to original post (can't add to comment??)


@mikezimmerman nope. Only to the Original Question and Answers. Your "short circuit" may have reset the board :) Usually when boards are hard to obtain it is because there is a factory or design error that sells the rest of the working boards quickly. To bad there is no legend to the connector so we would know if it is the power board or the main board.


For now... it still work.. will report back in a week or so... maybe there is a new "fix". Shame I spent/wasted(?) $20 on new backlights.. but still better than buying a whole new set.


@mikezimmerman if all it costs you was $20 and you get a couple of months of use out of it, perfect investment. Way cheaper than a new set.


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