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Standard gaming headset made by Razer in 2021. The model number is: RZ04-03800200-R3U1.

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Right cup not producing sound at all.

I have this spare pair of headphones that i want to give to a friend to play online, but I'd like to fix them myself. What do you think could be the most common fix?

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@davidalva your headphones are the wireless Razer Barracuda X?


Yes. the first version without bluetooth.


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Maybe the cable that connects the two cups is broken - can you disassemble them and check the cable with a multimeter? Or maybe the cable is ok but there is a faulty contact

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I have the same problem, it was playing normally, then I put it down on table, in 5mins I pick it up and right cup is silent, tried all system settings, restarted, found there is really no sound..
I also suspect, as usual it might be the connection between the two cups, but, I dont see a disassembly guide for that, guess I will just try it somehow.

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