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The EDV 700 is Rivian's midsize variation of their electric delivery van.

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Code for hold unavailable

Van started displaying a code for "Hold unavailable", What does that mean and how can i fix it?

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Really? A Rivian EDV :-) How awesome is that!!!! Anyhow, it may be related to the regenerative breaking, let us dig into this a bit more. I've seen similar complaints on some Tesla's. Again, this is awesome. I bet it'll make a great camper. Ford has a similar message for their EV's "the system is on but unavailable to hold your vehicle (for example, during Active Park Assist, Stay in Neutral Mode, or when you do not fasten your seatbelt or close the door" Does not look like it needs a fix but just some behavior modification :-)


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Does it give a picture on a the media screen or the instrument cluster on your Rivian?

As far as I can see this is how it can look on another Rivian product

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