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Repair information and troubleshooting for Craftsman-brand riding lawnmowers.

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How to put belt on the mower deck

how dose the belt go on the mower deck

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how to put blade belt on modile 917289031.


What about 3 belt craftsman.I have 2 ride mowers one is 2 belt other is 3belt ?? The deck belt patterns are different


is this for a deck on a 7000 series 42" cut mower?


This is. For the 2ooo series. Model 247.288852. Serial # 1A192B10186


46 inch deck


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Usually there are two belts. One goes around two pulleys, a front pulley under the motor and one on the mower deck. Additionally, there is usually a spring tensioner pulley that rides against the belt to allow it to work and for ease of routing.

The second belt goes under the first belt and is routed on a common pulley with the drive belt and both (or all three) of the mower blade pulleys.

Here is a crazy looking exploded view of a craftsman mower deck

And here is a better diagram of it all put together. I think you can get an idea of belt routing out of this one:

Block Image

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Do I have to bend the metal bracket that keeps belt from slipping off pulley to put a new belt on. The belt will not go on pulley unless I do bend it back.


The bracket that holds the blade belt on the pulley is stable and will not move. How do I get the belt on pulley without bending it


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