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The 5th generation BMW 5 Series was produced from 2003 to 2010. For these models, BMW introduced a controversial new design, the iDrive control system, and active steering.

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2006 BMW 530xi P0012 and P0015 Code Problems

My car throwing out these two codes time to time. It appears when I do complete stop at lights or parked. RPM makes one jumps to 1200-1500 rpm and slowly decreases to 600rpm. This jump happens only one time. At the same time, engine light opens and P0012 and P0015 codes appears. For an unknown period of time, the engine light stays on and then goes away until another event. When I get these codes, there is no power lose on the engine.

What is done so far:

  1. Oil and oil filter changed. Did not help.
  2. Solenoid valves cleaned and then replaced (because oil was leaked and metal brackets that have screw holes are rusted, it was not possible to fit them tightly). Did not help.

I seen that head gasket leaking some oil but it is related? I am constantly checking oil and coolant levels and make sure they are not low.

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Greetings Mustafa

Yes a head gasket leak will throw a P0012 and a P0015 DTC code

That being said, before you assume a blown head gasket you should check to make sure your oil filter housing gasket is not leaking, this is a common issue on the BMW engines. Coolant and oil will mix looking like a head gasket issue.

Replace the oil filter & oil cooler housing gaskets pop the lower radiator hose off, drain and flush the coolant system. Fill with new coolant and bleed the system with low fan high heat key on leave coolant cap off and you will see it bleeding the air out of the system.

You will need a 1/4 drive E10 socket and 1/4 U-joint adapter will be necessary to get one of the bolts off that is under the intake manifold.

That is where I would start. I would then move on to pressure testing and checking other areas where the coolant / oil could potentially mix. however its usually one or both of the above gaskets.

I hope this helps



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