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Reparatiehandleidingen en ondersteuning voor 27-inch Intel iMacs van Apple, geïntroduceerd in oktober 2009.

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start but only fans run

Hi everyone,
I have an Imac Mid 2017, A1469 EMC 3070, where the motherboard starts and only the fans remain at full speed. the diagnostic LEDs are only on is the 1 and 2. Does anyone have an idea what it could be?

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Can you tell us a bit more, was the system running and now after doing a repair/upgrade it stopped. Or you had a storm pass and power went out and the system stopped then.

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Yes, the machine was working and stopped turning on, it just turned on without an image. (you could hear the mechanical disc turning on). Now it turns on with no image but the fans turn on at maximum, the diagnostic LEDs are only the first two. I've already tested the voltages and everything appears to be fine. I've also checked with a thermal camera and no problems appear.


@mrruifernandes - You may need to do a deep inspection on the logic board for a burnt or damaged components. I would double check the VRM and video logic areas.


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