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Need a New Screw for Logitech MX Air Mouse

Hi...I need to replace one of the screws to my Logitech MX Air Mouse – see picture: shorter one. The screw head is stripped from wear.

Where can I buy a replacement screw, as I'm having a hard time finding something similar on Amazon and such? The screw is flat both at the top and base of the screw.

Thanks in advance for any tips.

Block Image

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If that is the screw, it does not look stripped to me. If it isn't holding it is likely the nut. But since the screw isn't stripped, the nut is probably not stripped either. It is probably a nut insert and may be loose in the plastic.

If that isn't the "stripped" screw, you might try looking at ACE hardware. They usually have a good assortment. It is also likely a metric screw.

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Thanks Bill. It’s the screw head (Phillips) that’s stripped. I should’ve clarified. I’d appreciate any tips if you have any.

I’m thinking of going to Best Buy’s repair section and seeing what they have/can do.


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